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Bee My Valentine- what a great start to Valentine’s Day

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I arrive home, it’s 10:30 PM and the whole house is asleep. I knew this already from the SMS I received stating my mate was going to bed. My mate, he is my forever life-long mate and I have a sweet card for him.

I retreat to the lounge room, the Writer’s Gala I had attended that evening had brought out the bookish in me. Yes, I am bookish but alas I never get to read. I choose to read over sleeping, this will help me unwind.

As I settle in to my couch and crack open the book slightly I hear an almighty bang. I wondered if it would wake the household but luckily they are all dead sleepers. I had no idea what it would be, I thought it must have just been my bag that dropped. Instinct told me to look closer.

what was it????

A full bottle of single malt whiskey lay before me, SHIT, there goes Dan’s Christmas present. I thought although there was a little crack I might be able to save the whisky. I take it to the sink and as I am inspecting the slight crack the bottom falls out of it. I’m standing there drenched in whisky, it’s all over the floor and the smell was more powerful than I had faced before. It felt like I’d had a big night but none of the fun.

I looked at my cute Valentine’s Day card and a little person spoke to me ‘hide the evidence, don’t ruin ‘V’ day’. For the following hour I scrubbed the floors, me, the sink and hid the bottle. I felt as if I had performed the perfect crime. It was a complete accident but I felt bad for Dan so thought I would omit the fact.

Life turns around…I will not put blame on  the toddler

Happy Valentine’s Day! I have started the day off with a lie. I wasn’t sure how long I could not tell him for. The day went off without a hitch, then I noticed the pumping crack in the tiles. I stupidly brought it to Dan’s attention, then it clicked. The bottle. He told me it must have been Matisse and I couldn’t even let that slide. I told him the truth. He assumed I had been terribly drunk as when he woke up unwell in the night I smelt like a distillery. Ah no, not quite.

With this Dan rejected my request to Beeeee my Valentine so I’m free if anyone is in need of one! Hey, next year I may just buy him a bottle to replace it. So romantic.




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Always Learning

Day one of the creative writing course and I feel so inspired. It feels so intimidating to go in to a class and feel like you are the lonely figure with not much experience. I felt immense anxiety even at the intro section, this was in the first five minutes, I didn’t know how I was going to cope for the day.

Matisse had dragged all energy out of me in the morning, waking at 6 AM and screaming from 7-8:30, over what I don’t know. Headed to the Abbotsford Convent I resorted to dummy and comfort toy just to give a little space before I started the course. Major drainer Matisse, major drainer.

The day progressed well, it went so quickly before I knew it there was our break and then we were out of there. I learnt very quickly that we all had varying levels of writing experience and sharing a common goal unified us to an even playing field, we wanted to better ourselves creatively.

No more bull, it’s time to get this book done. The teacher was effective in calling me out on my downfall, theme verses character development and that in itself is invaluable to get me in the right head space to move forward.

At the end of the day I got picked up by my lot with a bunch of flowers waiting for me in the car, I think Matisse was apologising for the crappy start to the day. I’ll take it 🙂 On to day two tomorrow, now I’m off to do my homework. Have a lovely night people!