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Was it worth it? Better late than never

Well my last minute dash interstate was amazing. I got to see some of my family and friends but better than that I set myself something to do that was difficult and because I wanted it so much the difficulty did not matter. 

So what was so difficult?

I drove with a three year old and six month old by myself!!! for 12 hours!!!!


Absolute madness. 

One and a half hours in to the trip we did a petrol/pee/feed Willow/snack and stretch stop. The moment I was on the toilet watching my three year old hold on to the baby I thought maybe, just maybe it was all too much. I’d spoken to the motel concierge who chirpily informed me Knill was 4.5 hours max away. Add another two hours and we made it. Half way done. 

The stops were varied

‘Mum, I don’t want this movie anymore’ 

Along with 

‘Mum I don’t want this movie anymore’

Oh and two poosplosions. 

The single bed Willow and I shared dipped in the middle so with my fear of smothering her, sleep was secondary. In hindsight I should have slept with Matisse and left Willow to herself. The lack of hotel rooms gave us two single beds. These girls did not make it work. 

The motel concierge made this stop worth it. He was a gem or a gem collector. They were everywhere. He sold artifacts with one being a random dinosaur out the front. It would make for a wonderful movie set.  

One more poosplosions and the ‘are we at Nanna and Pa’s yet?’ question starting 30 minutes in to our second leg. Five and a half hours later we dragged ourselves inside to find Mum baking. Bliss. 

Well, I felt like I needed a bit of a holiday after that mission. 

And a holiday I had. 

Weight loss this week: 100g

Weight loss to date: 11.9Kg

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Confession time…

Yesterday I went to the supermarket for bread, really it was to suss out if they had any Easter eggs leftover. Unfortunately the stock was gone so it was effort not well spent. Thanks kids for coming along for the ride.

I didn’t go all out this year and on Monday I had great regret. I’d spent Easter night glamping it up and had three whole drinks. I think it was more lack of sleep than hangover but my soul was craving a Red Tulip rabbit bad.

I’m still looking for the bunny and the sleep and it’s Wednesday.

Easter has seen me eat off the plan and I’m clawing my way back at it. It’s a struggle sometimes to get back to that nice, light healthy feeling after indulging so heavily. Feeling sick was a new thing which was interesting. My body had adapted to eating relatively clean and didn’t enjoy the espresso martinis (what have I become???) or the over eating. I can honestly say I don’t feel this is a weight loss week but will get those claws working to live a little less on the wild side.

Another thing… I saw an awful awful picture of myself after the weekend which has given me even more ammunition to get back on track. No more brain trickery for me, I was not happy with what I saw, I will be losing weight until I hit that goal.

I hope you all had an amazingly enjoyable Easter full of all the good stuff xx

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Where’s my weight at?

What have I noticed this week?

Less bread

I’m eating a lot less bread. We hardly make it through a loaf normally but I noticed that there was substantially more bread left than normal. This is why we went the cheaper variety but the quality ended up spoking to us more. 

Consistent meals

I’m eating oats pretty much every morning and a tuna or egg salad. So I’m being consistent but it’s through pure laziness that it’s easier to eat the same thing. 

Quick and accessible snacks

For snacks I’ve been eating fruit, dates or nuts. EASY

Pushing the veg and salad at dinner

Dinner I’m eating whatever I want pretty much but keeping it light on pasta and high fat. If we do have pasta or something a bit on the naughty side I’m keeping an eye on the portion sizes. Everything has a salad or veg side. A soup and fish dish at least once a week. 

I made vegetarian spaghetti bolognaise the other night and found the pasta was obviously carb and calorie high. MyFitnessPal helped me to recognize that a serving half the size I would normally go for was considerably more calories than I would have thought. It’s amazing how the mind transforms when you actually think about what goes in your body. 

I’m also giving my baby better nutrition by looking after myself. I wouldn’t be surprised if my milk was a little chocolate flavored with the amount I was consuming. 


I did some good walking over the weekend but this week I haven’t done serious exercised at all. It’s a bit of a problem, I’ll do leg lifts and bum crunches when I am rocking Willow to sleep but I’ve been terribly slack and need to get on to a routine pronto. 

I’m living

With great intention I had plans to limit my party food intake last Saturday. I was probably more restrained than normal but can you ever really be completely healthy at a party? Finger food all day and a dessert table….. I wouldn’t let myself feel guilty for it. 

Sunday night was my big night out for ADELE!! As you can see in the photo above. It was my first night away from my 15 week old and the tickets were a ‘push’ present so I felt like I deserved a good time. I started with champagne, had a glass of wine and you can’t go without a beer at the Etihad stadium, that was more than enough for me to get the giggles. How times have changed. It was such an amazing concert, she is a brilliant artist and entertainer. 

I had a great weekend balanced out with a really healthy and nutritious week. There was no regretting any choices made and I don’t feel like I’m missing out which can lead to binges. 

 Weight loss today: 1.4

Weight loss so far: 4.4Kg

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Gone are the days!

I went to a local twilight fair at the St John of God primary school today. Matisse thought the jumping castle was amazing, the wood fire pizza even better and the mango gelato the bees knees.

We went with her little friends and they had their end of the week crazy going on. At one stage we had three kids going in different directions, normally an anxiety ridden dread rises at this stage but they were okay.

It was nice to give a bit of freedom and they were to a degree contained.

This moment reminded me of life before. Dan and I used to go to the Westgarth Primary school fete every year. Normally hungover, excited to raid the book stall and discover some new treasures. Cure our ails with the ever popular bar and wander home to spend the afternoon drinking coffee and reading our $2 wins.

Today we sat in the sunshine, the kids behaved reasonably and enjoyed some time out. I even indulged in a cheese platter, which was wolfed down by tiny bellies. No joy there.

Life is different but the sun was shining. My tired girl sound asleep by 7pm with more stories to tell her Dad tomorrow. My sleep in tomorrow well deserved.


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Fun!!! Out of The Sun Friday!!!

Who hates mess???
Um! Me. My child on the other hand thrives on it and I must say it’s a bit fun watching her get all experimental with the paint.


Laying down plastic saved the floor!


But not the belly!


Then it all went a little crazy!!!!!


Throw her in the shower and bobs your uncle, she’s squeaky clean again.