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From Mum to Student

I don’t define myself as mature aged but I can see myself having a few, just a few years more experience than the high school leavers. I mean a couple…..

It’s been a long time between uni bar drinks, 10 years ago I was wearing that silly gown with an equally, silly looking frilly fringed blouse. I had completed a Masters and had no idea what to do with myself. So I started working at a bank, then I had a few kids and then I decided I wanted to parent for a while. Now, I have had a few years out of the game and have decided to scrap all of my pre-conceived ideas of who I thought I was and actually focus on who I am.

I am Kate, I am 39 years young and what brings me the most joy in this world? (aside from the obvious, my family answer) It is looking after people. Making them feel their best selves when they are feeling at their worst. I went through the list, Psychology?Social Working? Life Coach? Personal Trainer? no, Nursing? YES!!!!!!!

I am enrolled and I am ready!!! I start in less than a month 😬

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When you start to feel all grown up

It’s such a loaded heading but it’s something I’ve been deliberating on a fair bit.

The past year has brought on an era of change.

We have become a family of four and recently we relinquished our cherished apartment to another loving owner. Realistically it’s an investor who doesn’t give two hoots so that makes me a bit sad.

I met Dan when I was twenty two, just a baby and we committed right from the get go. When he left after our first date I knew I wanted him in my life. Later that year we moved in to our apartment and that was us for the next eight years.

It was little but it was ours and it’s where our love grew, where we challenged each other everyday, drank far too much wine and where I proposed.

We came home on our wedding night figuring why would we want to be anywhere else but our own little place where we grew as us.

One single, one double and a Masters degree were celebrated in Simpson Manor. Many late nights celebrating life, cementing forever friendships over just one more drink, long walks and bike rides followed by coffee and brunch.

Then our first pregnancy was confirmed.

Simpson Manor you will be our gem  forever.

Where to now? We have become grown up with two beings relying on us. If I focus on what made us happy it might help to work out what happens next.

To be continued….

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How to make my life more Organised?

Today a news article struck a chord with me. The ABC has a documentary series targeting waste. The reporter was in the middle of a shopping mall with six thousand kilograms of discarded fashion and textiles. He asked the crowd how long they thought it took Australians to dispose of this amount of waste. The answers ranged from days to hours but the answer was mere minutes, 10 minutes to be precise. We live in a consumerist society and it made me question my own choices.

The article suggests that having more makes you purchase more. Why would we want more if we have enough? Because your cupboards are so full of stuff that you forget you have it. This got me thinking. Why do we need so much? I put this with why do I feel the need to eat when I’m sad/angry/mad/happy? It isn’t a simple question. I turned to Netflix for help. Haha

I flicked to the Flix and on came Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things. Yes, they are the same guys from the podcast. They made it clear to me why I have this overarching discontentment when I sit in my lounge. My brain is perpetually overwhelmed. We have too much stuff!! How little some people live with is inspiring so I thought we’d get cracking on living a more minimalist existence.

First stop: getting rid of the photo albums. Not the pictures. We have technology to thank for the humble scanner button.

Second stop: The walk in robe. I decided to back myself and get rid of all of my summer clothes. By next summer they will be too big so to the charity bin they go. I found two tops of the same style that I never wear because they sit terribly. Why I purchased the second I don’t know. Anything I can’t feed Willow in, gone. It felt AMAZING!

Now to go through the kids stuff!! Less is the new more!


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Refresh, rewind it’s almost the end of July

Hello friends,

I’m feeling a little


When I want to be


Yup. That’s me sitting in a field with a nest of flowers on my head. Don’t lie, you can totally picture it.

I’ve got myself into a little bit of a frazzle over the first half of the year that it is now July and I am wiped.

I feel like I need a holiday!


(I’m not sure about this rock climbing thing)

One more month and I get two days off!!!

I’ve been thinking a bit about how I can maximise me. I know it sounds weird. It might be a winter blah thing going on but I feel tired and want to destress and declutter. I want to make the most of my time without feeling like everything is a chore.

Can you believe my brain is so wound up I find it hard to sit down and read? Magazines are fine but an actual novel has become impossible.


It’s time for a change so for Christmas in July I’m going to give myself a few presents.

Firstly- I’m going to switch off every day. It’s time for some meditation and mindfulness. Half an hour of meditation a day equates to an hour of sleep. YESSSS free sleep, how could I say no?


My second present- it’s time to get my yoga on. Dem bones, dem bones, Dem dry bones are feeling old and rickety. Aside from the physical benefits of flexibility and building lean muscle mass it helps with stress and anxiety.

Third- I’m totally feeling spoilt right about now. I’m going to breathe and say a big screw you world. This morning my alarm went off. Matisse was already lying beside me, we’re back to being a super duper early riser. I gave her big cuddle and we hung out for a bit. I said to myself there’s no stress today who cares if I’m running a bit late. Without the chaos I was actually early today.


The big four- the TV has got to go. Nope I am not replacing it with a bigger better version. It’s time to switch off the rubbish. I’m not cutting it completely but I’m turning off at 8:30 and grabbing that book, I deserve it. I love reading and I’ve missed it just as I have missed writing.

The biggest present to myself is handing over a few valuable tools to combat the awfulness of winter and to decrease some stress in my life. I challenge you to think of a few presents you could give yourself.


Today I…..

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The day Drew Barrymore taught me life isn’t always perfect

Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman made the news today. Sadly they are divorcing. There was a particular level of surprise as they have always appeared so happy and balanced. She has often commented that she had found the family with Will she never had growing up.

In reading of the break up I came across this quote from Mrs Barrymore that sounded all too familiar:

“People are like, you know, ‘Do you go out on date night, and like, ‘Do you put the relationship first?’ I was like, ‘No…’ We’re just in it, you know? We have a one-and-a-half and a three-year-old and you know, I think we’ve put the parenting first right now.”

With their relationship now over it brought up a few questions:

Can the busyness of parenting take away from the relationship?

How do you find the balance?

What can be worked at to keep the relationship on track?

Five sure fire ways to keep the old fires burning-

  1. Have fun and be cheeky. The bones may not spell twenty two anymore but laughing will keep you and the relationship you.
  2. Date night. You might not have family close by to rescue you so have a date night at home. Turn the TV off, devices tucked away.
  3. Talk it out. They say don’t go to bed angry but if you do make sure you follow up the next day.
  4. Share the load. Parenting, cooking and cleaning. Sure one may have more paid work than the other but it doesn’t mean the rest of life lands solely on the stay at home parent.
  5. Give each other a break. There are two days in the weekend equalling two sleep ins…. You get where I’m going. Take it in turns, have a nap.

Give it a shot and tell me what date night means to you.

Dear Drew,

I have loved you since ET and even through that crazy Firestarter movie, scary for a little kid. I hope you find happiness and I know that a relationship breakdown doesn’t fall down to one comment made flippantly to come boring reporter, you have just made me reassess the fact that I put zero effort in to our twelve year anniversary today. No one is ever perfect.

MummaKate x


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What’s for dinner? One of the most hated questions and five ways to get around it

For as long as I can remember in my relationship I have had the question what’s for dinner? Or what would you like for dinner? This instantly incites a rise of dread and panic in me. Dread for the same dreaded question and panic because I have the same old answer, ‘I don’t know’. Eventually I wised up to the question and went with a more than eloquent response of ‘what do you want?’. Seriously after 12 years I would have thought there could be a more rounded use of words. Patience of a saint or copping to my own disorganised spirit who knows? 

Less about me and more about you, how do you organise dinners? Is it a joint effort? Do you take full responsibility? Is there a routine? Do the kids contribute to the decision? 

Over time there have been some methods that I have used to defer the ‘what’s for dinner?’ question. I’ve either moved between them all or sucked at the lot. 

download (2).jpg

The last idea has really worked for me. It allows for a little spontaneity or choice and gets you into a smooth routine. 

  1. Gotta love a weekly menu plan. As an avid dieter it is the best for keeping the calories in check. 
  2. Pasta Monday, veggie Tuesday, stir-fry Wednesday, egg Thursday, fish Friday…. You get it Winking facea guide to help give a quick response and sound totally organised. 
  3. Focus on a cuisine or particular cookbook. Flick through and book mark all the good recipes. 
  4. Share the responsibility- Have a week off and make your partner choose. This has got to be my favorite. 
  5. Write down 30 meals, even simple eggs on toast. Include the faves as well. Then you can close your eyes, randomly choose five meals if you want to be a super star show off or two if you find yourself shopping every few days like me. Too easy. Cycle through the thirty meals for as long as your heart’s content.  Once you’re bored choose another lot. 

If you are like me this may save a lot of stress or even fights, here’s to a more harmonious household for all.

MummaKate x

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Is This Really Me?

I like to think of myself as organised. The three of us go alright, we get places, mostly late but we get there. At Christmas my whole family laughed at me when I tried to claim the title as the most organised out of the three of us kids. It was my reality check, I seriously have my head in the clouds.

Now is my time to shine, I just can’t get my head around how to be prepared for everything. Dan said to me the other day ‘why do we always unpack the childcare bag and why don’t we have a swimming bag permanently packed?’ Well Dan, why don’t we? At this rate I am going to keep the backpack companies in business. We are going to have an everyday bag, a swimming bag, child care bag and a spare clothes bag, when does the toilet training end? Then there is my work bag, laptop bag, lunch bag.

See where I go wrong? The most trivial of things like packing bags takes up my time in even writing about getting organised.

Calendars rock, we have the wall calendar, a joint calendar that links computers and phone, technology is amazing. I have an editorial calendar for this blog, I have started it but I am still trying to find time to work on a whole year of planning. Then there is the less reliable one, the one I have in my head.

I want to make my life easier so I write things down. I have at least five notepads around the house, somewhere, say no to lists Kate! When I got a magnetic shopping list from Father Christmas I thought all of my dreams had come true. I keep forgetting it’s there as it has to go on the side of our fridge, the downside of stainless steel.

So I have really convinced you that I can help you to be organised haven’t I? I think the point is that you have to do it for yourself but I will try and lead by example. Let’s do it together, actually can you help me? I’m going to need all the support I can get. One day there will be two kiddies to chase around and right now, we could be doing a better job at streamlining our day to day processes.

What’s a girl to do? Well reaffirmation is amazing. Apparently writing everything down is the way to go, maybe I need to simplify and choose one place to write them like on here or on my phone. Check this article out and see if you can find some pointers on making your life better.

10 Habits of Really Organised People- Lifehack

One of my own little Mum hacks that I find useful is menu planning. It’s awesome and there are so many websites out there than can provide menu plans for you. The Veggie Mama has saved my bacon on more than one occasion. I’m not a superstar cook but found the recipes on her website leveraged my little talent and brought praise from the Dan in the house. Happy days.

What’s the thing that keeps your life intact and organised?

MummaKate x

* By the way the main picture is not my pantry. I couldn’t keep a pantry that clean for longer than a day.

FullSizeRender 3

This is my pantry. To maintain authenticity I didn’t touch a thing, trust me it was incredibly tempting but I think you can tell it hasn’t been touched by the messiness.