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YAS I have boobs

So there has been a lot going on, plenty to fill you in on but first. I finished breast feeding, my child decided to be kind and sleep through most nights at 20 months. The slowest form of torture. I am also truly sorry to all that had to listen to my drivel and look in to my sad sack life less eyes during this time. I felt a little like an empty soul pottering around, driving places, drinking coffee and rediscovering wine. All while taking care of my little ladies. Life can be hard (joking) the wine was great.

So the no more feeding, it’s only almost four months ago ūüė§ but it has taken me this long to re-establish my relationship with my boobs. They kind of belonged to the little one and all I could do was wrap them up in feeding bras. BORING! And a little soul destroying. They have no serious support and tops were not fitting right. So I went shopping. One cup size smaller than before (thanks Willow). I looked at the shop assistant and said with glee ‘get me the push up bra!!!!’ I have never owned such a thing before, I suppose I didn’t feel like I needed it and then wham! I don’t think I want to wear anything else ever again. I couldn’t stop looking at myself in the mirror, yup I’ve got BOOBS! It was a magical moment and gave me a little ego boost, something that I didn’t think I lacked until I filled out tops that had previously gaped or just hung. Now I have a little pep in ma step and I’m just saying I may have started a little shopping addiction. Credit card to the rescue.

I totally recommend all the Mums hanging up their feeding bras to go and splash out, get fitted and buy that stupidly expensive bra you have had your eyes on but couldn’t really justify. Your boobs will thank you for it and you totally deserve to look after yourselves you awesome things.

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How to make my life more Organised?

Today a news article struck a chord with me. The ABC has a documentary series targeting waste. The reporter was in the middle of a shopping mall with six thousand kilograms of discarded fashion and textiles. He asked the crowd how long they thought it took Australians to dispose of this amount of waste. The answers ranged from days to hours but the answer was mere minutes, 10 minutes to be precise. We live in a consumerist society and it made me question my own choices.

The article suggests that having more makes you purchase more. Why would we want more if we have enough? Because your cupboards are so full of stuff that you forget you have it. This got me thinking. Why do we need so much? I put this with why do I feel the need to eat when I’m sad/angry/mad/happy? It isn’t a simple question. I turned to Netflix for help. Haha

I flicked to the Flix and on came Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things. Yes, they are the same guys from the podcast. They made it clear to me why I have this overarching discontentment when I sit in my lounge. My brain is perpetually overwhelmed. We have too much stuff!! How little some people live with is inspiring so I thought we’d get cracking on living a more minimalist existence.

First stop: getting rid of the photo albums. Not the pictures. We have technology to thank for the humble scanner button.

Second stop: The walk in robe. I decided to back myself and get rid of all of my summer clothes. By next summer they will be too big so to the charity bin they go. I found two tops of the same style that I never wear because they sit terribly. Why I purchased the second I don’t know. Anything I can’t feed Willow in, gone. It felt AMAZING!

Now to go through the kids stuff!! Less is the new more!


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Refresh, rewind it’s almost the end of July

Hello friends,

I’m feeling a little


When I want to be


Yup. That‚Äôs me sitting in a field with a nest of flowers on my head. Don’t lie, you can totally picture it.

I’ve got myself into a little bit of a frazzle over the first half of the year that it is now July and I am wiped.

I feel like I need a holiday!


(I’m not sure about this rock climbing thing)

One more month and I get two days off!!!

I’ve been thinking a bit about how I can maximise me. I know it sounds weird. It might be a winter blah thing going on but I feel tired and want to destress and declutter. I want to make the most of my time without feeling like everything is a chore.

Can you believe my brain is so wound up I find it hard to sit down and read? Magazines are fine but an actual novel has become impossible.


It’s time for a change so for Christmas in July I’m going to give myself a few presents.

Firstly- I’m going to switch off every day. It’s time for some meditation and mindfulness. Half an hour of meditation a day equates to an hour of sleep. YESSSS free sleep, how could I say no?


My second present- it’s time to get my yoga on. Dem bones, dem bones, Dem dry bones are feeling old and rickety. Aside from the physical benefits of flexibility and building lean muscle mass it helps with stress and anxiety.

Third- I’m totally feeling spoilt right about now. I’m going to breathe and say a big screw you world. This morning my alarm went off. Matisse was already lying beside me, we’re back to being a super duper early riser. I gave her big cuddle and we hung out for a bit. I said to myself there’s no stress today who cares if I’m running a bit late. Without the chaos I was actually early today.


The big four- the TV has got to go. Nope I am not replacing it with a bigger better version. It’s time to switch off the rubbish. I’m not cutting it completely but I’m turning off at 8:30 and grabbing that book, I deserve it. I love reading and I’ve missed it just as I have missed writing.

The biggest present to myself is handing over a few valuable tools to combat the awfulness of winter and to decrease some stress in my life. I challenge you to think of a few presents you could give yourself.


Today I…..

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MummaKate takes on Mu Upstairs

I had planned a family day but I ended up flying solo, whoa mumma! I love a surprise singleton outing and for a grown up event too. Excitement plus.

My talented friend had very kindly asked me to attend her gallery opening.

First stop, lunch, Vapiano on Flinders Lane. They give you a card on entry and it starts your very own tab. Bonus,the perfect answer to the split bill dilemma. The food is cooked in front of you and delicious.





On to Mu Shop which you will find in the Royal Arcade. It is a gorgeous little boutique shop with cute trinkets and sunglasses that take up your whole face. I almost
bought¬†them¬†but the ridiculousness was too much, I couldn’t¬†even look at myself without laughing. Eyeing the corner of the store there stands the¬†impressive golden winding staircase to Mu Upstairs. This is where I took on Mu Upstairs, you’ll see when you get there that it took great courage to go up there in a dress.






Here is where I made my purchase of ‘Leidon Girl’ and ‘Gucci Spring Summer 2015’. You will see why I bought them below. The detail and technique draws you in with the colour explosive to the eye.

Leidengirl2_resizedguccipeyton a4-1_resized

‘Leidon Girl’ ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†‘Gucci Spring Summer 2015’

The artwork in the exhibition is immaculately displayed featuring Johanna Dziadkeiwicz’s impressively inspired fashion illustrations.

The art space is for your eyes only so go and check it out. Showing until March 13th.

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All For The Love of January

So much happens in January. We have New Years, My nieces birthday ( I promise I haven’t forgotten), my birthday, our anniversary, Australia Day and then my Dad’s birthday. All after the summer holidays and Christmas. My poor Dad on the tale end of the busiest month of my year.

I’ve spent the last two weeks training, so have been working full time and Matisse has been in child care getting progressively grumpier as the days have gone on. We packed a bunch in to the first weekend: Car shopping, visitors, Latitude, Zoo, dinners you name it, we did it. Then I finished the fortnight off with an intensive writing course. I’m wiped and we’re toilet training.

People work full time and have kids all the time. People have multiple children and work full time. I bow down to them. We all have our struggles individually if we work or not but I got just a taste of the life and I and forever grateful that it’s not a permanent gig. Well the parenting is of course ūüôā

So life aside I am proud of myself, I have been relatively good with limiting my refined sugar intake. A few slips here and there but I have not once gone to the shop and bought chocolate. That is massive for me and a big habit to break. I haven’t been as good with the food, I let tiredness get in the way but I have stopped putting on weight which I have been doing¬†steadily over the last few months.

So FAB Feb here we come. Writing is the feature for me this month plus I desperately need to get to the gym. I hope you are all having an amazing Monday.

MummaKate xx



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Thirty Four Highlights and Life Lessons in Thirty Four Years

Now you will know everything about me.

1. Meeting Dan

2. Having Matisse

3. Seeing all of my nieces and nephews come in to the world. Truly amazing human beings

4. Getting married

5. Buying our apartment

6. Turning thirty and leaving my 20’s behind.

7. Becoming independent- knowing that you can rely on your good self.

8. Traveling- far too many good times and experiences to list individually.

9. Giving up smoking, meat and alcohol (the booze didn’t stick as much as the others).

10. Realising that the past is in the past.

11. Completing a Masters

12. When I understood Post Traumatic Stress Disorder my life changed and I let go a little.

13. Seeing that little thing smile every morning and watching her grow and change each day.

14. New York City!!!!! My most favourite place in the whole world made all the better for meeting up with Emma.

15. Getting together with my family

16. Speaking to my mum and dad.

17. Laughing, I love it. When my sister and I laugh together it’s my most cherished of times.

18. Catching up with my friends all of the times

19. Meeting new people and learning about them

20. That moment in Year 8 when I decided I wanted to be a writer.

21. Hearing my Dad say that he was proud of me in his speech at my 21st

22. That moment years later when I remembered that I wanted to be a writer and started actually writing

23. Every time I have tried at something and been unsuccessful.

24. Being happy and following an optimistic mindset

25. Exploring Buddhism, meditation and yoga. Incredible life altering things each of them individually.

26. Moving

27. When I decided I wanted to leave fear in the garbage

28. Abseiling down a 50 meter waterfall.

29. Listening to myself

30. Dreaming. I may be a bit of a gonna but it’s fun to give different things a bit of a shot.

31. Moving to Queensland when I turned 19 and then on to Melbourne.

32. Listening to my brother. He was right the guy wasn’t right for me.

33. Being stubborn. Good and bad I’ve learnt a lot from being stubborn but I’ve also had many highlights sticking to my guns and going after what I want.

34. Today was a highlight. I have a roof over my head, we are all healthy and happy and I have plenty of love around me. I Can’t ask for more than that!

That was a challenge and there was so much more that I wanted to include but I couldn’t be any more indulgent or sappy.

What are the highlights in your life? It’s hard to keep the list short isn’t it? It’s nice to reflect and be thankful for all of the moments.

I hope you have a great week.

Xx MummaKate