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Road tripping solo plus kids

Well my last minute dash interstate was amazing. I got to see some of my family and friends but better than that I set myself something to do that was difficult and because I wanted it so much the difficulty did not matter.

So what was so difficult?

I drove with a three year old and six month old by myself!!! for 12 hours!!!!


Absolute madness.

One and a half hours in to the trip we did a petrol/pee/feed Willow/snack and stretch stop. The moment I was on the toilet watching my three year old hold on to the baby I thought maybe, just maybe it was all too much. I’d spoken to the motel concierge who chirpily informed me Knill was 4.5 hours max away. Add another two hours and we made it. Half way done.

The stops were varied

‘Mum, I don’t want this movie anymore’

Along with

‘Mum I don’t want this movie anymore’

Oh and two poosplosions.

The single bed Willow and I shared dipped in the middle so with my fear of smothering her, sleep was secondary. In hindsight I should have slept with Matisse and left Willow to herself. The lack of hotel rooms gave us two single beds. These girls did not make it work.

The motel concierge made this stop worth it. He was a gem or a gem collector. They were everywhere. He sold artifacts with one being a random dinosaur out the front. It would make for a wonderful movie set.

One more poosplosions and the ‘are we at Nanna and Pa’s yet?’ question starting 30 minutes in to our second leg. Five and a half hours later we dragged ourselves inside to find Mum baking. Bliss.

Well, I felt like I needed a bit of a holiday after that mission.

And a holiday I had.


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Hi Ho! Hi Ho! Off We Go!!!

Christmas week is upon us and what an amazing week it is shaping up to be.

Last night we had our early kid free Christmas dinner in St Kilda. It was perfectly balmy as we enjoyed a few cocktails and ate far too much amazing food. I was incredibly spoilt by my KK, she knows me too well. Matisse had two of her favourite people spoiling her and I woke up without a foggy head. Couldn’t have asked for more really.

I was very excited to be getting out!



Yay! Grown up time…🎉
Now we are on to the serious side of things, the car trip to Adelaide. We decided to leave at four in the afternoon so then we would be able to get a bit of peace for the last half of the trip. Unfortunately daylight freakin savings got us to nine o’clock with her consistent ‘Mummy pat?’, ‘Mummy!, MUMMY!!!’ But now we have our quiet. I can’t complain, we haven’t had any tears or tantrums. The first ‘Mummy, look’ I had this afternoon I turned around to this:


We are still 270km off Adelaide, Dan just had a minor quarantine mishap but otherwise we are super pumped to see our family. We might just wait till the morning though as we won’t get in until 1:30AM 😫 surely they will all be up waiting to greet us!

I hope all of your Christmas festivities are shaping up to be loads of fun and that you are all healthy, happy and looking forward to the next few weeks to come x