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Road tripping solo plus kids

Well my last minute dash interstate was amazing. I got to see some of my family and friends but better than that I set myself something to do that was difficult and because I wanted it so much the difficulty did not matter.

So what was so difficult?

I drove with a three year old and six month old by myself!!! for 12 hours!!!!


Absolute madness.

One and a half hours in to the trip we did a petrol/pee/feed Willow/snack and stretch stop. The moment I was on the toilet watching my three year old hold on to the baby I thought maybe, just maybe it was all too much. I’d spoken to the motel concierge who chirpily informed me Knill was 4.5 hours max away. Add another two hours and we made it. Half way done.

The stops were varied

‘Mum, I don’t want this movie anymore’

Along with

‘Mum I don’t want this movie anymore’

Oh and two poosplosions.

The single bed Willow and I shared dipped in the middle so with my fear of smothering her, sleep was secondary. In hindsight I should have slept with Matisse and left Willow to herself. The lack of hotel rooms gave us two single beds. These girls did not make it work.

The motel concierge made this stop worth it. He was a gem or a gem collector. They were everywhere. He sold artifacts with one being a random dinosaur out the front. It would make for a wonderful movie set.

One more poosplosions and the ‘are we at Nanna and Pa’s yet?’ question starting 30 minutes in to our second leg. Five and a half hours later we dragged ourselves inside to find Mum baking. Bliss.

Well, I felt like I needed a bit of a holiday after that mission.

And a holiday I had.


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Gone are the days!

I went to a local twilight fair at the St John of God primary school today. Matisse thought the jumping castle was amazing, the wood fire pizza even better and the mango gelato the bees knees.

We went with her little friends and they had their end of the week crazy going on. At one stage we had three kids going in different directions, normally an anxiety ridden dread rises at this stage but they were okay.

It was nice to give a bit of freedom and they were to a degree contained.

This moment reminded me of life before. Dan and I used to go to the Westgarth Primary school fete every year. Normally hungover, excited to raid the book stall and discover some new treasures. Cure our ails with the ever popular bar and wander home to spend the afternoon drinking coffee and reading our $2 wins.

Today we sat in the sunshine, the kids behaved reasonably and enjoyed some time out. I even indulged in a cheese platter, which was wolfed down by tiny bellies. No joy there.

Life is different but the sun was shining. My tired girl sound asleep by 7pm with more stories to tell her Dad tomorrow. My sleep in tomorrow well deserved.


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What are school holidays? Really??…

I’ve shied away from doing the whole what to do on the school holidays list. It is a goodie but Matisse isn’t at school so thought it may sound a little ridiculous.

Life has changed. Now we have all these activities that take holidays with the school calendar. The days between work quickly filled with catch ups and play dates (code for coffee and relaxation according to my husband). This time round winter has hit and the playground isn’t cutting it.

What to do??

First up we took off to warmer climates. Don’t get too excited, Adelaide is only a few degrees warmer and in the hills it’s colder than home. We spent five wonderful days playing with cousins and welcoming Nanna and Pa back from their European holiday. Yeah, we were jealous too! The pictures were amazing. We will get back there eventually.

I decided we’d mix it up a bit and do a bit of exploring when we got back to Melbourne. Scienceworks was our target. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Spotswood and it sounded like a faraway place but it’s right near Docklands. When Matisse saw the Melbourne Star Ferris Wheel she started yelling out Moomba, every ride reminds her of that one day we went to the festival. If we had time we would have stopped there too.

Well, me and every other parent thought it would be a good idea to go today. I aimed for a 10am arrival and got there 10:45. All the paid parking was taken but there was sneaky free parking up the back, lucky find.

The stress of getting lost many times was slowly fading as the excitement poured from the lady.

I was worried she was going to be too young but my fears dissipated quickly as she ran crazily around the Alice in Wonderland exhibit interacting and taking in all of the excitement.

We ventured upstairs to the Nitty Gritty Super City which provided an interactive space for kids to uncover city living. Matisse’s favourite part, driving the ship and looking at the ‘sleeping butterflies’. I shouldn’t forget the pretend cafe.

We left without too much drama and I scored a decent nap from her. Happy days.

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Have you seen the trailer for ‘Bad Moms’ yet?

I got a little bit excited and watched it at work, holding in my giggles as I reflected on that all too familiar feeling of failure. Keeping another human alive is hard and seeing the ultimate rebellion unfold in this movie it got me thinking about ways I blow off my steam. I am looking forward to checking it out on August 11th. Time for a night off with the girls me thinks, who’s in?

Bad Moms

Watch Bad Moms-Official Trailer-STX Entertainment


I had a few Mum fails this week. Matisse found my nail polish decided to spill it on our bed and pillows then rub it in her eyes. She came screaming running in to the shower, yes I left her supervised by Playschool while I had a shower and she got adventurous. I felt terrible.

What I have learnt: Leaving creams, lotions, nail kits or anything that can spill/be spread in my bedside table is not such a good idea. Finally I moved it all in to a cupboard much higher and now she has full access to my socks and jocks. It was one of those stupid things that I have been meaning to do and fortunately there was no serious damage done.

Second Mum fail: I lost my cool

I am a big believer in passive parenting and trying to stay on an even level when disciplining. This particular day we had been up early, the Matisse alarm is harsh sometimes. We had plenty of time to get organised for playgroup, go for a walk, went to the shop, had a snack got home and I was exhausted.

Mum drag

I can tell when I need to take a break but sometimes the toddler won’t give you that space. I was trying to get her organised for her nap i.e. Find the missing teat for her bottle (frustrating) and as I am scrambling through the disgustingly disorganised cupboard she decides to jump on my back and wrap her-self around me. Feeling the strangulation as my top pulled ever so tightly on my neck I gave a very swift three warnings and then I pulled her off my back and said no, don’t do that. She stood there bawling and holding her arm and again I felt terrible.

It sounds so silly and small but it’s moments like these that I see her emulate when she feels frustration or dissatisfaction and I don’t want to model this behaviour. Sometimes this strong willed, beautifully stubborn toddler pushes all of the passive buttons no amount of yoga breaths will stop that boiling feeling from taking over my brain.


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Easter Getaway- How to keep your kids entertained


It has well and truly crept up on me this year. It sounds a little funny saying that as I have been planning a family escape since Christmas. What is with me? I love a getaway. And an Easter getaway is even better.

I thought this holiday was going to be a hot mess when Airbnb kept rejecting us. Was it me? Did I smell? Did I not put in enough information to the property owner? Was it not good enough? Am I not good enough? I just want a weekend at the beach to unwind with the fam!!!!


My friend thankfully saved the day and secured a place for us, all six adults and two kids. Hoorah, Blairgowrie here we come.

With that sorted I’m on to the more important question, how we celebrate this with Matisse? She hasn’t really eaten chocolate but is she old enough to now start and enjoy the ritual of cracking that first egg? We think we’ve got one more year of getting away with it.

What to do instead? minute Easter activities Haven magazine have some fun ideas Check out Kids Easter Ideas on Pinterest

The cutest hatching eggs is those you make

Last minute shop and I’ve scored some amazing colored eggs and rabbits to hide in the backyard. Combine this with some carrots and bunny footprints she will be over the moon scouring the bushes with her little ears and basket. 

Easter final

One of my fondest Easter memories when I was younger was camping on the Murray River with a bunch of friends and our family. There was an island in the middle of the river and all the older kids got to camp there. I was completely jealous until my brother told me there was an Aardvark there and the only thing that would protect me was to wear the ring from a beer bottle top on my finger. He had us going for the whole holiday. We had damper scones, campfire and complete freedom. There was a lot of muddy mess and I got my first water skiing experience out of it. Good Friday was spent eating fish, swimming against the current and making baskets out of mud spectacularly decorated with leaves and grass almost to remain camouflaged. The Easter Bunny always found it.

I love to celebrate and make the most out of every occasion. Why not live life to the fullest while we are so privileged and fortunate to have it. Now I am even more privileged to help create these special childhood memories for someone else, even if it is without chocolate.

With a few activities planned and her little friend to hang out with I’m sure she will be entertained. 

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Why do weekends fly on by and the rest of the week drags??

Weekend round up

Goodbye long weekend, hello four day week. We are all in for a treat this month with public holidays in abundance. For me public holidays mean more family time and an extra pair of hands to wrangle the toddler.

Later nap time = later nights= More night-life

Friday night saw us hit up Welcome To Thornbury. The first permanent food truck venue to land in Melbourne. It hosts between four to six food trucks daily and I’ve got to say it was a bit of fun to hang out in our old hood. With a rotating roster of trucks coming through it was the Mr Burger owners that started it up last year. Plenty of drinking/eating space available in this converted car yard.




Saturday my loving family departed to give me some writing time. Two hours of undisturbed writing bliss, I’ll take the time when it is given and  made some great progress. For some reason I can’t seem to concentrate when the little one is around.


Love has kept me busy this weekend, not the making variety the watching. No I don’t like to watch love making. Oh wow! this is going to a bad place. The Show Love,  Netflix got me again rather creator Judd Apatow. I watched the first few episodes and felt nonplussed but the complexity of the characters dragged me in and I have successfully downed season one. Not all in one weekend mind you.

love in

I saw 430am Sunday morning, thanks Matisse, you will not break me. I gave the other adult in the house a sleep in. Go me, he regretted waking up when I said we were going to Moomba. The guy hates crowds, okay the world hates crowds but it was going to be the best day ever.


Two thirds of the way in Matisse is yelling I love Moomba, is that Moomba? she was pointing to a church. Moomba, Moomba Moomba. The kid was excited over something she had never heard of or seen but she was feeding off me, I love a celebration.

It wasn’t until we were venturing down Flinders St and I was giving Dan shit for taking us the wrong way that the excitement reached fever pitch. He told me there would be a Teacup ride. Get out, Matisse was going on her first ride and I was going too. Life was becoming even more amazing than when we saw the graffiti art along Hosier Lane.

The city side of Moomba was more like an amazing travelling carnival. Everything was big and someone’s little mind was being blown. The rides were ‘too big’ and would therefore be ‘scary’. I was feeling the same way. Flip over to the other side of the river and it was kiddie paradise. There was my Teacup ride, we had an amazing time. The Birdman Rally,  let’s just say the costumes were cool and raising money for charity is awesome.

20160313_120510 (2)IMG_0967 (2)

I’m still regretting not going on one of the scary rides but I’m not sure the  littlest of the family would cope with Mum hanging upside in the air and being flipped around. Maybe I’m using her as an easy out. Hey! I’ve had my days with scary rides.


Labour Day means the weekend is coming to an end

Why do weekends fly by and the rest of the week drags? You get to do cool stuff on the weekend, thats why and you have complete control over what cool stuff you get to do. Oh! and there are no emails.

Labour Day for us was the day we decided to get a grown up couch.

We have a couch history. It was our first relationship financial investment. We threw a couch party in celebration, as you do, we even supplied a blow up pool in the middle of winter. it was amazing, I was even having too much fun to notice the smoke burn one of my guests put in my new couch. Oh life!

couch (2)

Our current couch was inspired by New York City. It looks great but it’s not for sitting too much. My theory was we were going to be fabulous and live our child free life out and about that we wouldn’t need a couch to actually sit on. This was my minimalist phase. Then I got pregnant. Man that couch has been the most uncomfortable thing ever, my pregnant body hated it.

Now we have invested in the most comfortable couch ever and I can’t wait to actually sit on it, a lot.

I hope you have had an amazing weekend

MummaKate x

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Movie A Go Go!

I don’t get to go to the movies too often but over the summer I’ve had nights out with the girls and caught a few. Don’t I feel all up to date and part of the movie going set.

I love the movies, I remember seeing ‘Edward Scissorhands’ when I was a kid. My Aunty Lorraine packed a bunch of snacks and it was the best, it was such a new adventure. My first movie a few years before was set up at the local hall in Cleve. I can’t honestly remember the movie, I was too young but the place was packed out. Another movie memory was with my big brother, when he would babysit me, he was capable being 10 years older, he cultured me in the likes of Rambo, Mad Max, Star Wars and Jaws. All movies far too old for me and I may have come away a lot scarred from Jaws but it was an awesome bonding experience.

It would be amazing to write a script and see it up on screen. Another medium of storytelling. I’ve done a little bit of script writing in the past, it is an intense genre to explore.
Back to my movie going.

Date one: Joy

Who with: My awesome high school friend Stacey. The perfect date for this movie.

I won’t go too much in to detail as you will want to see this if you are wanting to be inspired to succeed. A classic story line of the main character overcoming adversity but knowing it’s a true story and well performed by J Law it was a good watch. It was a slow burner and I found myself a little lost at times but I walked out of the cinema feeling empowered and ready to tackle on the world. The message and acting outweighed the movie itself.

Date two: Sisters

Who with: My Melbourne little sisters, Janelle and Jen. Couldn’t have laughed more with anyone else.

It was completely ridiculous, but such a laugh. Both movies had female leads, they both had very real back stories. Being a comedy Tina Fey and Amy Poehler took it to the next level of crazy and that was the fun in it. I walked out with sore cheeks and plenty of throw away lines. They both served different purposes but ‘Sisters’ explored the sisterly bond with one lifting the other up when they were struggling. The stronger of the leads needed help too and then the roles were reversed. It was a story line that worked in to a comedy, everything blows up and the world is a better place. I’m not bagging this movie as it served its purpose and it was a lot of fun but it’s not a stand out.

Please send movie recommendations my way. I’m thinking I need to move past the Rom/Com/Drama genre and dip my toes in to some Sci-Fi.

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Hi Ho! Hi Ho! Off We Go!!!

Christmas week is upon us and what an amazing week it is shaping up to be.

Last night we had our early kid free Christmas dinner in St Kilda. It was perfectly balmy as we enjoyed a few cocktails and ate far too much amazing food. I was incredibly spoilt by my KK, she knows me too well. Matisse had two of her favourite people spoiling her and I woke up without a foggy head. Couldn’t have asked for more really.

I was very excited to be getting out!



Yay! Grown up time…🎉
Now we are on to the serious side of things, the car trip to Adelaide. We decided to leave at four in the afternoon so then we would be able to get a bit of peace for the last half of the trip. Unfortunately daylight freakin savings got us to nine o’clock with her consistent ‘Mummy pat?’, ‘Mummy!, MUMMY!!!’ But now we have our quiet. I can’t complain, we haven’t had any tears or tantrums. The first ‘Mummy, look’ I had this afternoon I turned around to this:


We are still 270km off Adelaide, Dan just had a minor quarantine mishap but otherwise we are super pumped to see our family. We might just wait till the morning though as we won’t get in until 1:30AM 😫 surely they will all be up waiting to greet us!

I hope all of your Christmas festivities are shaping up to be loads of fun and that you are all healthy, happy and looking forward to the next few weeks to come x