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The Biggest Little Farm

John and Molly look in to their rescue dogs eyes and realise they need to buy a farm.

That is the romanticised version. In reality Molly is an established chef and has dreamt of creating a sustainable farm with amazing produce. John is a documentary maker and decides to track the process.

Firstly, I cried. Second, it was inspiring.

What they embarked on is far from my personal experience but the premise engaged me entirely. They have taken on a project (200 acres) in dessert like Californian conditions. The soil was clay and it looked impossible.

There is high drama, fire, death (animal and human), new life and never ending failure.

I really wanted to do other things last night before bed but I couldn’t turn it off. I was incredibly suspicious of the investors and mentor they had. I won’t tell you any more. You should watch it if you have a project you have been putting off. If you think it’s too hard, this documentary will show you hard.

Now I’m inspired I need to get moving on my next big project. Landscaping our front garden.

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Gardening school

‘A little learning is a dangerous thing.’ –Alexander Pope

I don’t know about you but previously I’ve been intimidated by gardening. I can’t tell you why, especially as I have never had much of a garden but it feeds in to a fear of failure.

A few months ago I went to a garden centre with the aim of filling in a nine metre space. I knew I wanted native plants. That was it, I was pretty clueless. There was a lovely guy who helped me out. Even with his patience and endless information, I still found it stressful, it was all new to me and I didn’t want it to look bad or fail.

His words were so simple but effective “if the plants don’t work there, move them and try something else”. I may have to go to this guy for some ongoing therapy.

I purchased ten native plants and as I look out my bedroom window they are doing well. Success!! Unfortunately there were many daisy bushes that were sacrificed during this process. I moved them thinking they would go bananas and climb down the wall but no! All I got was sticks.

There are hits and misses. I have lost many a seed in the last few months but I’m trying to learn a thing or two and read up on how best to get this garden thriving. Australian Geographic have a book out called Gardening School that is easy to follow with diagrams explaining pruning techniques and endless information.

It is an exciting process. I’m looking forward to seeing it all bloom and know that in years to come we will look at them and think this was our new beginning at the acreage.