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YAS I have boobs

So there has been a lot going on, plenty to fill you in on but first. I finished breast feeding, my child decided to be kind and sleep through most nights at 20 months. The slowest form of torture. I am also truly sorry to all that had to listen to my drivel and look in to my sad sack life less eyes during this time. I felt a little like an empty soul pottering around, driving places, drinking coffee and rediscovering wine. All while taking care of my little ladies. Life can be hard (joking) the wine was great.

So the no more feeding, it’s only almost four months ago 😤 but it has taken me this long to re-establish my relationship with my boobs. They kind of belonged to the little one and all I could do was wrap them up in feeding bras. BORING! And a little soul destroying. They have no serious support and tops were not fitting right. So I went shopping. One cup size smaller than before (thanks Willow). I looked at the shop assistant and said with glee ‘get me the push up bra!!!!’ I have never owned such a thing before, I suppose I didn’t feel like I needed it and then wham! I don’t think I want to wear anything else ever again. I couldn’t stop looking at myself in the mirror, yup I’ve got BOOBS! It was a magical moment and gave me a little ego boost, something that I didn’t think I lacked until I filled out tops that had previously gaped or just hung. Now I have a little pep in ma step and I’m just saying I may have started a little shopping addiction. Credit card to the rescue.

I totally recommend all the Mums hanging up their feeding bras to go and splash out, get fitted and buy that stupidly expensive bra you have had your eyes on but couldn’t really justify. Your boobs will thank you for it and you totally deserve to look after yourselves you awesome things.