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I’ll take it

I am dipping my toes back in the water and thought if I’m finding it hard staying on track then I should at least weigh in and let you know how I am going. 

Things are getting better, my eye is clearing up and the rest of the family are down to snotty noses. That I can cope with. 

I think I need a bit of a lifestyle change. Five hours of broken sleep a night is really not working for me. I keep banging on about going to bed earlier but it never happens. Before I know it I’m looking at 10pm then I get myself ready for bed Willow wakes for a feed and I’m hitting the pillow at 11. It’s something I’ve struggled with post babies, cherishing that me time of the evening a little too much. Now I’m actually losing my memory and all round motivation, I need to get strict on myself. Go to bed Kate! Dan is always saying this to me and of course I am naturally defiant. You’re not the boss of me!!! I’m such a grown up but if I actually start listening to my body and mind (totally losing it) then I should be a grown up and go to bed early. In no time at all, I feel like I’m dreaming here, Willow will give me a full nights sleep. 

Loss this week: 200g

Loss so far: 13.4kg

Posted in For the love of food, For the love of the body, Goal Setting, Personal Development, Positivity, This is MY YEAR

Can chocolate answer all of life’s problems?

Hello friends, this is not the end of the world. 

I went and had a chat with a friend yesterday who is doing awesome and keeping it together diet wise in a difficult situation. 

I was inspired, excited by the possibility of health and being on track towards my weight loss goals. 

Then I went home and dug in to a block of chocolate. 

What’s going on with me????

I’m not going to be too hard on myself because to be honest I’m having a fairly crap time coping with a fair whack of continuous broken sleep. But I’m also recognising that I’m riding a downward spiral that only ends with weight gain. Something I have been avoiding while I make myself ‘feel better’ about life through sugar. I wish I was there, I wish I could say ‘oh man! I was so tired so I just went for a run to rejuvenate myself’ I’m sure people do that. Don’t they????

So what am I doing?

I’m making sure I have healthy breakfasts. This morning it was cooked oats with soy milk, grated apple, cinnamon and Greek yoghurt.  Delicious. 

I’m saying no!!! To pizza. Menulog you were my main man in my time of need. There was no human contact or cash exchange. I mean the pizza was free right? But we are over it’s time to get the cook on. 

Making it easy. 

I’m not a food prepper and I’m not one to do a big weekly shop. Half week at best. Sometimes my ever ending trips to the supermarket get interrupted by the little ones. I always need a go to easy as recipe on hand. 

Soup, vegetarian spagghetti bolognaise, spinach and riccota canneloni/pasta, salad plate, eggs on toast. Whatever is in the cupboard. Anything but pizza (unless it’s homemade). 

I want to come back before it’s too late and I’m far too deep in to my gaining cycle. Being more self aware of my previous behaviour is helping me to get back on track to success. 

No one ever said it was going to be easy. 

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Can the hole get any deeper?

July brought with it a feast of sickness topped with an eye infection for me. 

Back to back anti biotics and a big dose of feeling so so has given my weight loss journey a back seat. 

This is not me done yet! I have temporarily raised the white flag and given in to the desire to rest and heal. 

I will be back soon I promise. 

Weight loss for July: 600g