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Sam Wood has got the goods but I’m struggling to follow them. 

Monday started the 28 by Sam Wood April program. The idea behind this method is to give you the tools for exercise, shopping list, recipes, meditation and community. You still have to do the exercise, shopping, cooking and meditation. 
I have been feeling overwhelmed by the whole thing. Scared of failure and not wanting to go backwards I found myself fretting over learning how it all works. 

Still an extreme novice I put it to the online community to put my mind at ease. I was tanking and I knew if I let myself slip anymore I’d lose focus and start veering away from my goal. 

Fortunately I’m not alone. A few 28’ers had also started with babies at four months and struggled to grasp the whole program from the get go. I needed to stop, breathe and take the pedal off a bit. I’m trying to make it too hard for myself. I was trying to take everything offered on board rather than tailor it to my lifestyle. 

Yesterday in a moment of madness I made pumpkin bread, veggie soup and a roasted cauliflower and quinoa dish. I am not amazing in the kitchen and a lot of the ingredients I have rarely used in the past. Almond meal, flaxseed, LSA, rice malt syrup. My sleep deprived brain was muddled by the recipes and Willow played along strapped to me in the carrier. Needless to say I had an early night last night. 

The food aspect has been great but the exercise has been shocking. 28 minutes a day seemed impossible this week and other than a comedic effort with Matisse I’ve struggled to get in to it. Oh Matisse! She loves to do yoga. But she found Sam’s workout a bit fast so we tried another post pregnancy one that she likes but the attention span went far before the finish. Walking is much more productive for us. 

Other than my freak outs and getting used to the program the recipes are delicious. My aim is to be more organised to make it less stressful. 

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Truth BOMB!

I have been on a little holiday with Willow to visit our family and friends in Adelaide. I decided that on this occasion I would let myself relax and enjoy the surroundings and by that I mean food and a little champagne. Mum and Dad are kicking goals with their healthy lifestyle so it was easy keeping in check when I was home with them but anywhere else I was in free fall and it’s okay, I had planned for it. I had such an amazing time catching up with everyone, introducing Willow and celebrating birthdays that I put my weight loss secondary and the scales reflected this. I’m not sure I know too many people who can maintain while on holiday, I wish I could but the enjoyment of sharing a meal with my friends and family was too great.

This sort of bump in the road has thrown me off on previous occasions, made me doubt myself and brought forward feelings of failure. I won’t accept this anymore as this is my life. There will be times when I go away and let go but that is all a part of the balanced lifestyle that I am aiming to lead. Less bumps and more wins but it’s the wins that are worth focusing on.

In the past there is no way I would have jumped on the scales a day after coming home. Avoiding the truth bomb is a way of accepting that holiday eating is a part of everyday life. Not anymore I forced myself on to those scales dragging my feet but I would not allow myself to be disappointed. I knew what I was getting myself in to.

Weight gain: 1Kg

Today ends my month long journey with MyFitnessPal

Total weight loss: 4.2Kg

And begins with 28 by Sam Wood