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Gonna get a bit fit on the Fitbit

I’m a bit excited, May is going to be full of fun and plenty of exercise. 

Each day of May I am going to be active. Any kind of activity will be excepted.  Now I realise that sounds a bit cheeky, well you’ll never know, it might be. I’ve now got the Fitbit to keep me on track, I’ve never had one  before so I’m a bit green on how it all works but it is a great relief to see that my heart is beating. The steps also accumulate faster than expected. 

I’ve got The Healthy Mummy DVD ready to go to give my body some post baby kindness. It’s not ready for high intensity yet. 

The Fitbit to motivate me to walk everywhere. Looks like a park run and walk to the shop is on the cards. Maybe I should attempt the damn hill that stumps me getting the littlies to swimming tomorrow. I could definitely blow some bodies house down after that hill. 

Tiffiny Hall has opened her program TIFFXO free for the month of May. I’m going to see what exercises she has available in her dojang. I might learn a karate chop or two. 

What I’m doing here is looking for opportunities instead of saying I can’t or won’t. There is only one thing I have to focus on this month and its movement. Let’s see how many different ways I can achieve this. 

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Come back Queen!

We are at the end of the 28 by Sam Wood month. Well it’s shorter than a month, would you believe it’s 28 days??? This month has been testing to say the least. I started on the back of a trip to Adelaide, had Easter and a visit from the folks. This is what normal life is like and this is what I want. A lifestyle not a ‘diet’. Having the program around helped me to get back on track after the festivities.  What I am teaching myself to do is to get back on the horse. Not let a meal and I won’t call it bad define me or how my weight loss will be. If I beleive that I am not in control I won’t be in control. I think that is the key. 

The month hasn’t been ideal but I am learning as I go along what is right for me and this program wasn’t right for me right now. I would definitely say that I would go back to it in the future as the structure and community are brilliant. Sam is very present within the group which gives it a personable vibe and the food is lovely. 

Why it didn’t work for me

Willow was four months old when I started the month and my body is not in shape to do the high intensity interval training. I can absolutely go at my own speed but I found it difficult and demotivating. I need to focus on exercises that are both working me hard and looking after my body in its current state. 

I don’t have time to do all the food prep and cooking. In an ideal world I would love to have every meal made from scratch. There are leftover meals but I am not fast in the kitchen or organised. The shopping stressed me out as well. These are also things I need to work on but having a prescribed menu and exercise program wasn’t doing it for me. 

I have had a loss and am super happy but I didn’t enjoy it and I enjoy eating healthy and exercise. So to me the fact that I haven’t been exercising much shows that the balance is out. 

I’ll post about my plans for next month shortly ūüôā

Weight loss this week: 700grams

Weight loss so far: 7.6Kg

28 by Sam Wood loss: 3.4kg 

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I’d be stuffed without breastfeeding

I didn’t fall too far down with Easter but I’ve not really recovered. I’m trying to get back on the 28 by Sam Wood band wagon but it’s appearing to be a struggle with my current lifestyle. 

That lifestyle appears to be pasta for lunch and dinner and hot cross buns, still!!!! Why won’t they disappear from the shelves?? 

What I’ve noticed about myself in the last week is that I haven’t been driven to talk to you guys. Ahem! I wonder why? No accountability, no problem is where my brain appears to be at. So I’m here now letting you know I’m struggling and having a little lul in my weight loss.  I’ll always be honest about my results at the end of the week so you’ll know full well when I’m not doing too well. 

What I do have on my side is breastfeeding. It helps burn up some of the extra energy if I’m over eating and keeps my weight down but it doesn’t stop me from feeling yuck if I’m eating crap food. I’m also noticing I’m not getting away with as much now as when I first started feeding. 

I’m finding that being attached to the program is keeping me from going off the rails but my lifestyle is not suited to such an overly prescribed program. It’s amazing in that it tells you exactly what to do and what to shop for but some of the meals don’t feed everyone so I have to work that out and a lot of the food Matisse won’t eat. It is creating extra work for me and the preparation time is time I don’t really have. I want to simplify things by keeping things flexible and follow basic rules like focus on fiber and protein and keep it light on carbs at night. 

Next month is looking like I need to work on my relationship with exercise. My body is desperately needing a good ongoing workout.

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What a shock!

I actually lost 100 grams this week and I’m over the moon with this result. I made my way¬†through a holiday that I would normally celebrate with vigour. Hey! anything to do with chocolate and I’m there. I’ve not been strict this week obviously and have loved on the carbs a little hard but that’s living and to make this sustainable in the¬†long-term I need to accept that I will be doing this, living. Boy have I lived well this week, having a few cheeky¬†drinks for a birthday party, eating a bit of cake, sneaking in a veggie burger in to the party… the drinks may have made us a little hungry. But at the end of the day my body is learning what it needs and I’m more aware subconsciously how to feed myself within reason. ¬†So although it is a week without a big loss I am proud that I didn’t go the other way and put on. That to me is a great achievement. I survived the Easter Bunny!!! just.

Weight loss this week: 100g

Weight loss so far: 6.9Kg

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Confession time…

Yesterday I went to the supermarket for bread, really it was to suss out if they had any Easter eggs leftover. Unfortunately the stock was gone so it was effort not well spent. Thanks kids for coming along for the ride.

I didn’t go all out this year and on Monday I had great regret. I’d spent Easter night glamping it up and had three whole drinks. I think it was more lack of sleep than hangover but my soul was craving a Red Tulip rabbit bad.

I’m still looking for the bunny and the sleep and it’s Wednesday.

Easter has seen me eat off the plan and I’m clawing my way back at it. It’s a struggle sometimes to get back to that nice, light healthy feeling after indulging so heavily. Feeling sick was a new thing which was interesting. My body had adapted to eating relatively clean and didn’t enjoy the espresso martinis (what have I become???) or the over eating. I can honestly say I don’t feel this is a weight loss week but will get those claws working to live a little less on the wild side.

Another thing… I saw an awful awful picture of myself after the weekend which has given me even more ammunition to get back on track.¬†No more brain trickery for me, I was not happy with what I saw, I will¬†be losing weight until I hit that goal.

I hope you all had an amazingly enjoyable Easter full of all the good stuff xx

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I never realised how important setting  goals are until this project of mine came up. Writing it all down makes the reality set in. 

What I have ahead of me is a long slog its hard for me to even verbalise as I’m still convincing myself that it’s doable. I have such incredible self belief but I don’t want to spook myself. Thinking about it in terms of numbers is scary but numbers are a part of this game. It is a bit of a head game. I’m also a bit competitive so knowing that I have a goal date coming up drives me. 

I looked up when my 10% goal date is. Hoping that it will help me stay focused this weekend, yeah right! I’ll make up for the chocolate next week. I’ve got four weeks to lose 4.4Kg. Just over 1kg a week. 

I’ve started to think about whether my goals fit within my philosophy. Yes they are attainable but can I sustain this momentum and is it healthy for me in the long term?

When I think about my next target it drives me and makes me more ambitious. I don’t want to get to a point where the goal is unatainable and leads me down a negative path. 

The goal posts may have to move a little as time goes on but for now I’m reaching for the stars. This Is My Year. 

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Results are in 

This week has been great. I’ve had extra time with Matisse due to school holidays and I’ve turned the dial down. Sometimes I do things without really thinking about how it will affect me overall. It’s something that annoys me about myself, my lack of foresight or inability to recognise when I need to chill out. It could also be that I’ve had a week to recover from Adelaide. 

Im getting used to the food on the 28 program but the exercise I could improve on. I need to sleep more and watch less TV I suppose to give me that extra time. The online 28 community are really motivating and Sam Woods’ video messages make it more personable. So it’s definitely working for me but takes a bit of effort and organisation. 

I hope you have an amazing and safe Easter weekend with your loved ones. The Easter bunny will be visiting this house but maybe not as excessive as usual. 

Weight loss this week: 1.1Kg

Weight loss so far: 6.8Kg

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Well I Never

I walked in to a green grocer shop the other day and the lovely sales assistant saw me struggling with my pram and asked me what I was after. As I uttered kale and goji berries I wondered what she thought of me. 28 by Sam Wood uses all of the hip, health store produce that I would previously buy and leave to date in my cupboard. 

Today I used red kidney beans and no added sugar in cacao bean muffins. I wasn’t too excited by them but thought hey! give it a shot. They are actually quite nice and without the usual load of sugar in my diet I’m finding my taste buds are being satisfied by a wider variety of foods. The honey worked. 

The exercise is picking up and I’ve been able to follow the food list. Having the shopping sorted has made a huge difference and with time I am getting used to the website and plan. 

The stress is dissipating and I am 100% sure it is due to the exercise I have done. With exercise comes the endorphins and motivation. It even affects my parenting, I have found myself wanting to do more things with the girls. Walking to the shops, going to the park and making playdough. Such simple things but when you are overweight and stuck in a negative headspace the easiest things can seem like absolute mountains.  I’m learning that not only does my activity encourage Matisse to be active but it helps our relationship as she loves nothing more than doing things with me and having my attention. Positivity all round and we are having fun together. 

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Running out of time

Last night after running to the shops at 5:45 and throwing the family off balance Dan put it to me that this plan is not currently working.

It’s the time factor

Last month I was keeping it simple and it worked.

Porridge, tuna or egg salad and whatever dinner took our fancy. Throw in a bit of fruit and almonds for a snack.

Time poor and lacking energy I’m in this constant state of failure as I find myself unable to prepare another elaborate meal. Fortunately I’m still making healthy food options as an alternative but I want to commit to this fully so that I can give the program a reasonable assessment.

I was putting together a list of tips on how to be more efficient and well, I can’t even see myself following them. I really need to get my butt in to gear to get this going.¬†I’m going to do the shopping online, it’s too hard taking the two kiddies around to do a big shop, I often find myself forgetting random ingradients. There is no just popping to the shops these days!

If you don’t hear from me for a bit you will find me in the kitchen

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Goal Day!!!!

What a buzz to get to this day. I had set a few dates to work towards as an incentive for when I’m struggling. Today is my 5% goal and I’ve reached it. Spot on!

Having this in mind helped me to realise what I was working for and to turn it around after my holiday. I knew I had to be extra strict this week to get there after living it up in Adelaide. 

I know I keep going on about it but I’m finding the focus on balance and lifestyle over restriction and diet is really important. I am building trust in myself to know that yes I can live a little. I don’t want to be worried about my weight for the rest of my life. 

Weight loss today: 1.5Kg

Weight loss so far: 5.7Kg

Dressed by Matisse


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