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Not for the faint hearted- the life and times of the pelvic floor

Who says you need to start things from the 1st of the year. Or even the first of the month. Surely any day is a good day to start.
I’m two months post partum and my body has gone on the flop. Like a big old deflated balloon the screws have been loosened and if I have to race to the toilet and still not quite make it one more time I think I’ll have to invest in a detergent company with the amount of washing I’m doing.

Fortunately I’ve been reading a lot of Mum articles, every time the pelvic floor is mentioned I’m not taking a shot it’s time for the old PF squeeze or Keigals if you want to be fancy.

They bang on about the pelvic floor quite a bit and it’s only after baby two that it’s really become obvious why.

Erm…. it will go back right???

It will and I am noticing improvement already. No set plan as such just little triggers like being at the stop light or whenever it’s mentioned, time for the squeeze.

I must say I haven’t quite gotten around to it this time (give me some time guys!) but Pilates is the bomb for getting it all tight and terrific. It works all the right muscles and helps clear the

mind too. If you’re lucky you might get a sleep at the end with the guided meditation.

After Matisse I found Pilates a great stepping stone to get back in to more cardio based exercise. Unfortunately running and jumping will always be a bit hairy, burpees still make me anxious but a quick pre boot camp pit stop made the outcome a little less embarrassing.

TIP: always wear black pants

Note: After reading this you should have done four sets of five second squeezes.