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Are you using your listening ears? 

I’d say about the last six months but for most of this parenting gig I’ve felt a little lost with discipline. How in the hell do you get a strong willed little lass to stop, recognise and listen? 

Counting worked for a while. That fell flat pretty quickly. I added another element, if you don’t listen by the time I get to five you will have to sit on the stairs. This often escalated to full blown tantrums. Fun for everyone. 

Next step- If you don’t listen we won’t go to x,y,z. Too bad if we didn’t have any plans that day. It felt like a day full of threats. Not exactly a positive experience for all. 

We were both stressed so I made some tactical changes. 

Rather than having food treats I put together a bag of erasers with positive affirmations, random little toys and cute stickers. If she listens she gets two stickers, if she has a great day overal she can choose a prize. We’ve gotten to a point where I tap my ear and she knows what I’m talking about. Easy. 

I’ve made a little book that she shows her Dad at night if she has had her listening ears on. Being tangible it allows her to maintain that sense of pride. Food only gave short term effect. 

For the moment as one thing works tomorrow may bring with it a new challenge. What tactics do you use to get your little one to listen? 

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Gone are the days!

I went to a local twilight fair at the St John of God primary school today. Matisse thought the jumping castle was amazing, the wood fire pizza even better and the mango gelato the bees knees.

We went with her little friends and they had their end of the week crazy going on. At one stage we had three kids going in different directions, normally an anxiety ridden dread rises at this stage but they were okay.

It was nice to give a bit of freedom and they were to a degree contained.

This moment reminded me of life before. Dan and I used to go to the Westgarth Primary school fete every year. Normally hungover, excited to raid the book stall and discover some new treasures. Cure our ails with the ever popular bar and wander home to spend the afternoon drinking coffee and reading our $2 wins.

Today we sat in the sunshine, the kids behaved reasonably and enjoyed some time out. I even indulged in a cheese platter, which was wolfed down by tiny bellies. No joy there.

Life is different but the sun was shining. My tired girl sound asleep by 7pm with more stories to tell her Dad tomorrow. My sleep in tomorrow well deserved.