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Refresh, rewind it’s almost the end of July

Hello friends,

I’m feeling a little


When I want to be


Yup. That’s me sitting in a field with a nest of flowers on my head. Don’t lie, you can totally picture it.

I’ve got myself into a little bit of a frazzle over the first half of the year that it is now July and I am wiped.

I feel like I need a holiday!


(I’m not sure about this rock climbing thing)

One more month and I get two days off!!!

I’ve been thinking a bit about how I can maximise me. I know it sounds weird. It might be a winter blah thing going on but I feel tired and want to destress and declutter. I want to make the most of my time without feeling like everything is a chore.

Can you believe my brain is so wound up I find it hard to sit down and read? Magazines are fine but an actual novel has become impossible.


It’s time for a change so for Christmas in July I’m going to give myself a few presents.

Firstly- I’m going to switch off every day. It’s time for some meditation and mindfulness. Half an hour of meditation a day equates to an hour of sleep. YESSSS free sleep, how could I say no?


My second present- it’s time to get my yoga on. Dem bones, dem bones, Dem dry bones are feeling old and rickety. Aside from the physical benefits of flexibility and building lean muscle mass it helps with stress and anxiety.

Third- I’m totally feeling spoilt right about now. I’m going to breathe and say a big screw you world. This morning my alarm went off. Matisse was already lying beside me, we’re back to being a super duper early riser. I gave her big cuddle and we hung out for a bit. I said to myself there’s no stress today who cares if I’m running a bit late. Without the chaos I was actually early today.


The big four- the TV has got to go. Nope I am not replacing it with a bigger better version. It’s time to switch off the rubbish. I’m not cutting it completely but I’m turning off at 8:30 and grabbing that book, I deserve it. I love reading and I’ve missed it just as I have missed writing.

The biggest present to myself is handing over a few valuable tools to combat the awfulness of winter and to decrease some stress in my life. I challenge you to think of a few presents you could give yourself.


Today I…..

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What are school holidays? Really??…

I’ve shied away from doing the whole what to do on the school holidays list. It is a goodie but Matisse isn’t at school so thought it may sound a little ridiculous.

Life has changed. Now we have all these activities that take holidays with the school calendar. The days between work quickly filled with catch ups and play dates (code for coffee and relaxation according to my husband). This time round winter has hit and the playground isn’t cutting it.

What to do??

First up we took off to warmer climates. Don’t get too excited, Adelaide is only a few degrees warmer and in the hills it’s colder than home. We spent five wonderful days playing with cousins and welcoming Nanna and Pa back from their European holiday. Yeah, we were jealous too! The pictures were amazing. We will get back there eventually.

I decided we’d mix it up a bit and do a bit of exploring when we got back to Melbourne. Scienceworks was our target. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Spotswood and it sounded like a faraway place but it’s right near Docklands. When Matisse saw the Melbourne Star Ferris Wheel she started yelling out Moomba, every ride reminds her of that one day we went to the festival. If we had time we would have stopped there too.

Well, me and every other parent thought it would be a good idea to go today. I aimed for a 10am arrival and got there 10:45. All the paid parking was taken but there was sneaky free parking up the back, lucky find.

The stress of getting lost many times was slowly fading as the excitement poured from the lady.

I was worried she was going to be too young but my fears dissipated quickly as she ran crazily around the Alice in Wonderland exhibit interacting and taking in all of the excitement.

We ventured upstairs to the Nitty Gritty Super City which provided an interactive space for kids to uncover city living. Matisse’s favourite part, driving the ship and looking at the ‘sleeping butterflies’. I shouldn’t forget the pretend cafe.

We left without too much drama and I scored a decent nap from her. Happy days.