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Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Forty two weeks

One day

and twenty one hours

Forty two weeks and one day. Twenty one hours of the longest wait of my life, the end traumatic as her heart rate dropped and needing a bit of air to get that first breath those seconds seemed like hours. Then I met her, the squishy bloody mess.Those eyes pierced through my heart with a look of love I had never known before I knew her Dad was going to be in trouble. He gets a good look in now but that gorgeous baby before me was captivating and all-encompassing. I was so fortunate and relieved to receive my Mum card! It took about a month before I stopped wondering when they were going to take her off me. It seemed to good to be real and too unreal to last forever.

Two years and seven months later as she lay fast asleep in her bed, still unreal and still proving to be a wonderfully disastrous fun drama filled mess as we explore toddler hood.

To my Mum, Dan’s Mum, my sister and my four sister-in laws and to all my mum friends out there Happy Mother’s Day!!! You are all amazing with very fortunate kiddies and thank you for helping me so incredibly as I navigate through this wild ride.

I got to spend a few special days with you last week but as you are in Sydney I wanted you to know a few things.

Dear Mum,

Sometimes we fight it and it takes years to realise but it is now that I see you.

You are my protector

My mentor

The first person I think of to call if something goes wrong

I feel half empty if I don’t speak to you for too long

You are a part of me

And now that I have had a child I can see how special that is

Your endless love saw me through

Simple things that as a kid I could not see

But now Mum, I see you

I will love you forever and pour you cups of coffee until you say no more.

Love Always


Thank you to my amazing husband who helped Matisse to make this day so lovely and made me feel like a Queen for a day xx


Hi! I'm Kate, I hail from Melbourne with my three loves, Willow, Matisse and my husband Dan. I enjoy staying active, attempting to be crafty, discovering new recipes and fun things to do with my daughters. I have found that becoming a mum has tapped in to this raw positive energy that I never knew I had. In this weird new world I live in I've found that I need to look after myself more to keep myself healthy and be a positive role model for the littler ones. Keeping this in mind has kept me on track to create the best me and be a better Mum. Well it's a work in progress but we all need to aspire to something right? I am also a writer, chugging away at that elusive novel but now is the time people. I am writing and you get to hear all about it, just joking, I won't bore you with that. If you want to know where I'm at please feel free to ask it might give me a boot to get me going in my less motivated of moments. I'm passionate about women's rights, equality, children's rights and mental health. I want to say social justice as a whole but it is so broad. I believe we all have the right to be the best that we can. I look forward to getting to know you all and sharing my crazy life.

One thought on “Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  1. Thank you Kate,was lovely to read your piece today. I am so pleased you have learnt Mum loves you unconditionally – and will love you forever.


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