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It’s time to celebrate, I’m feeling good. I’ve got the Wednesday feels going on.

Today I hit 1,000 independent visitors on


Now I will list 1,000 reasons why I think you are all amazing….

Okay maybe we’ll stick to 5 but you are worth more than 1,000

  1. You support me and tell me you enjoy reading my posts

  2. You like my posts on Facebook

  3. You share my posts

  4. You are genuinely good people and provide awesome advice

  5. You are making my parenting journey better than ever

So although I have been MIA of late be sure to know that I am here and appreciate all of your wonderfulness. So keep sharing, liking and commenting and now I’m starting to feel better I’ll be posting more frequently.


MummaKate xo

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Traveling with the very hungry toddler. 

We’re on the road again, northward bound to see family. One particularly fresh at only a month old so we are all buzzing at meeting the beautiful bundle. 

Leaving last night we stopped at Gundagai to have a snooze and hit the refresh button for the remaining four hours. 

First on the agenda the Dog on the Tuckerbox where we normally have breakfast but the train hadn’t come in yet! So no breakfast for us. 

We put it out to the world to find us food and we hit the jackpot. Jugiong is a teeny little town with the local pub being rebuilt we were a bit nervous. 

Then we saw it….

The Long Track Pantry. I’m not sure if being attached to a winery made it appeal more, we do love our wine but it was exactly what we needed. 

The food was lovely, the staff friendly and great coffee. There was even a little shopping to indulge in all possible varieties of jams, sauces and gumboots. 

Very unexpected we are now all full and ready for the rest of our journey to Sydney. Only three hours to go. 

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Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Forty two weeks

One day

and twenty one hours

Forty two weeks and one day. Twenty one hours of the longest wait of my life, the end traumatic as her heart rate dropped and needing a bit of air to get that first breath those seconds seemed like hours. Then I met her, the squishy bloody mess.Those eyes pierced through my heart with a look of love I had never known before I knew her Dad was going to be in trouble. He gets a good look in now but that gorgeous baby before me was captivating and all-encompassing. I was so fortunate and relieved to receive my Mum card! It took about a month before I stopped wondering when they were going to take her off me. It seemed to good to be real and too unreal to last forever.

Two years and seven months later as she lay fast asleep in her bed, still unreal and still proving to be a wonderfully disastrous fun drama filled mess as we explore toddler hood.

To my Mum, Dan’s Mum, my sister and my four sister-in laws and to all my mum friends out there Happy Mother’s Day!!! You are all amazing with very fortunate kiddies and thank you for helping me so incredibly as I navigate through this wild ride.

I got to spend a few special days with you last week but as you are in Sydney I wanted you to know a few things.

Dear Mum,

Sometimes we fight it and it takes years to realise but it is now that I see you.

You are my protector

My mentor

The first person I think of to call if something goes wrong

I feel half empty if I don’t speak to you for too long

You are a part of me

And now that I have had a child I can see how special that is

Your endless love saw me through

Simple things that as a kid I could not see

But now Mum, I see you

I will love you forever and pour you cups of coffee until you say no more.

Love Always


Thank you to my amazing husband who helped Matisse to make this day so lovely and made me feel like a Queen for a day xx

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Have you seen the trailer for ‘Bad Moms’ yet?

I got a little bit excited and watched it at work, holding in my giggles as I reflected on that all too familiar feeling of failure. Keeping another human alive is hard and seeing the ultimate rebellion unfold in this movie it got me thinking about ways I blow off my steam. I am looking forward to checking it out on August 11th. Time for a night off with the girls me thinks, who’s in?

Bad Moms

Watch Bad Moms-Official Trailer-STX Entertainment


I had a few Mum fails this week. Matisse found my nail polish decided to spill it on our bed and pillows then rub it in her eyes. She came screaming running in to the shower, yes I left her supervised by Playschool while I had a shower and she got adventurous. I felt terrible.

What I have learnt: Leaving creams, lotions, nail kits or anything that can spill/be spread in my bedside table is not such a good idea. Finally I moved it all in to a cupboard much higher and now she has full access to my socks and jocks. It was one of those stupid things that I have been meaning to do and fortunately there was no serious damage done.

Second Mum fail: I lost my cool

I am a big believer in passive parenting and trying to stay on an even level when disciplining. This particular day we had been up early, the Matisse alarm is harsh sometimes. We had plenty of time to get organised for playgroup, go for a walk, went to the shop, had a snack got home and I was exhausted.

Mum drag

I can tell when I need to take a break but sometimes the toddler won’t give you that space. I was trying to get her organised for her nap i.e. Find the missing teat for her bottle (frustrating) and as I am scrambling through the disgustingly disorganised cupboard she decides to jump on my back and wrap her-self around me. Feeling the strangulation as my top pulled ever so tightly on my neck I gave a very swift three warnings and then I pulled her off my back and said no, don’t do that. She stood there bawling and holding her arm and again I felt terrible.

It sounds so silly and small but it’s moments like these that I see her emulate when she feels frustration or dissatisfaction and I don’t want to model this behaviour. Sometimes this strong willed, beautifully stubborn toddler pushes all of the passive buttons no amount of yoga breaths will stop that boiling feeling from taking over my brain.