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I Should Have Done It Sooner

My head is dizzy, I can’t stop it. The world is whirring by and I have been feeling as if I can’t keep on top of everything. I stop every now and again and realise my head is thumping, the pressure builds and I feel a little strange. I do the usual, have I eaten? Yup, have I drunk enough water? Yup, Have I had enough sleep? The answer is always no so there shouldn’t be a difference there. I am feeling this way because I am anxious, I have put a bit on my plate and I’m super happy about that but the level of anxiety that comes along with that has increased.

Last night I hit my peak, busy day at work, caught up with a few friends during the day.  I was effectively on the go all day. I pick up Matisse from child care, the bag full of dirty clothes, more washing and then she adds the car seat to the washing load on the way home. It’s such a normal day but I add to that MummaKate, my book, the new course I am doing and trying to be healthy I’m on overdrive. I’m trying to read and sort through some pod-casts to help my writing but that is on the bottom of the pile. I checked my letter box yesterday and happily pulled the Marie Claire out only to glance at the front cover and add it to the three that I am yet to read.  I contemplated a different subscription and laughed at myself. WHEN would I read it?????

There I was covered in bags and wee, Matisse hanging off me somewhere so I let go and poured myself a drink. I’m more the binge drinker (not a good thing) I tend not to have a drink or two as it more often ends up being a bottle or more. I’ve become better with age but I still get myself in trouble. I’ve had chats with other Mum’s who guarantee life is better with at least one drink at the top end of the day. I joined the gang last night and just that one drink made my life so much easier for the marathon of cleaning the kitchen, doing the washing, packing the dishwasher and making her dinner in the hour between home and bath.  Dan came home and helped with the latter, the highlight of my day… and made me a salad. Kudos to him for getting me to the finish line, now stop those dirty minds. We finished the day on a high note.

Today Matisse had her first dance lesson, super cute and lots of fun. She did what the teacher asked and before we knew it the class had gone. Now sleeping peacefully and giving me a  good writing break tomorrow is another first. We’re off to swimming lessons and then a mini break. Time to read and unwind a little. Life isn’t so bad after all.

I hope you all have a spectacular weekend

MummaKate x


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Today I Failed


Potty train in a week, put them on it every 15 minutes.

Potty train in two days lock yourself in the house, let your child run around naked and pee everywhere.

All of the advice in the world I have read far and wide, listened to many speak of their past experiences yet today I went completely wrong.

Today I decided to wake up before Matisse, thought I’d get an hour or so of work in before she woke up. Brilliant idea me! Actually it was the lecturer from the weekend but hey! I was up at 5am so I’ll take the pat on the back.

Far too sparky and rearing to go when she woke up, we were on different levels from the get go. The world had caught up with the little lady and she was no longer our happy camper.

So, what did I decide to do? Get in her face and ask her far too often, do you need the potty? Toilet? Wee? Poo? What has my life become???? She hated me and I don’t know why I persisted.

Each time I asked her the answers became more and more angry. NO MUMMY!

I don’t even know where my instincts were but I absolutely thought I knew what was best for her so I thought that I’d make her sit on the potty. Seriously bad idea. Well, I broke her. Lots of screaming and many regrets on my behalf, I stopped as fast as I started, realised I was being a dick and changed tact. I just loved her, hugged her like crazy then thought to myself if she pee’s everywhere who cares.

After we all calmed our farms and organised ourselves for some serious down time, for both of us, she took herself to the potty and did the biggest pee I have ever seen.

15 minutes later I ask her if she wants the toilet, I get a no and she straight away pee’s on the floor, we win some and we lose some.


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All For The Love of January

So much happens in January. We have New Years, My nieces birthday ( I promise I haven’t forgotten), my birthday, our anniversary, Australia Day and then my Dad’s birthday. All after the summer holidays and Christmas. My poor Dad on the tale end of the busiest month of my year.

I’ve spent the last two weeks training, so have been working full time and Matisse has been in child care getting progressively grumpier as the days have gone on. We packed a bunch in to the first weekend: Car shopping, visitors, Latitude, Zoo, dinners you name it, we did it. Then I finished the fortnight off with an intensive writing course. I’m wiped and we’re toilet training.

People work full time and have kids all the time. People have multiple children and work full time. I bow down to them. We all have our struggles individually if we work or not but I got just a taste of the life and I and forever grateful that it’s not a permanent gig. Well the parenting is of course 🙂

So life aside I am proud of myself, I have been relatively good with limiting my refined sugar intake. A few slips here and there but I have not once gone to the shop and bought chocolate. That is massive for me and a big habit to break. I haven’t been as good with the food, I let tiredness get in the way but I have stopped putting on weight which I have been doing steadily over the last few months.

So FAB Feb here we come. Writing is the feature for me this month plus I desperately need to get to the gym. I hope you are all having an amazing Monday.

MummaKate xx