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Stormy Baby Connects Mums Forever

There is a massive community of Mum’s, yes it is a thing, I don’t know how we would operate without them.

Constance Hall is a great example of this, promoting a positive tribe of women uniting to empower themselves in their current situations.

Motherhood is all too consuming and going from blissful oblivion to parent is a huge adjustment. Crazy huge! Maybe you are going stag, in a couple, married there is no level or preparedness for the change that is about to come upon you.

402920_10150683925582524_995611820_nMe and Dan NYC


We don’t even know what the word baby means here



Think of yourself on a beautiful pacific island sipping cocktails in the sunshine, swimming whenever you want, sleeping, eating, leaving the room without a bag, maybe a towel then a stormy thunderous cloud descends upon you. BANG! You are hit. You are with child.

It is without a doubt the most wonderful experience you can go through and there is nothing better than the love you get to give and receive from them but it’s still damn stormy. The consolation, the wonderful people you meet along the way.


On the train this morning there were two pregnant women I gave one my seat and like a creeper listened to their beautiful conversation, they had just met and were giving each other support already. Add a bump and automatic unification. Seeing them chat and being at ease with another it inspired me to share ways in which you can build your own community.

Mother’s Group– You will be counting down the days until this starts and then dread it when you have to work it in to the little ones schedule. Be prepared to be overwhelmed with information and to hear incredible stories.

Playgroup- There isn’t any planning or thinking, you rock up with a bit of fruit and a wealth of advice.

Play Centres, Playgrounds, Cafe’s (love a coffee) the list could go on forever.

Online is also a great resource. The moment you conceive you are able to join groups and go through the pregnancy hurdles together. Your community starts from there.

If you want to check out the Constance Hall Facebook page click here


Hi! I'm Kate, I hail from Melbourne with my three loves, Willow, Matisse and my husband Dan. I enjoy staying active, attempting to be crafty, discovering new recipes and fun things to do with my daughters. I have found that becoming a mum has tapped in to this raw positive energy that I never knew I had. In this weird new world I live in I've found that I need to look after myself more to keep myself healthy and be a positive role model for the littler ones. Keeping this in mind has kept me on track to create the best me and be a better Mum. Well it's a work in progress but we all need to aspire to something right? I am also a writer, chugging away at that elusive novel but now is the time people. I am writing and you get to hear all about it, just joking, I won't bore you with that. If you want to know where I'm at please feel free to ask it might give me a boot to get me going in my less motivated of moments. I'm passionate about women's rights, equality, children's rights and mental health. I want to say social justice as a whole but it is so broad. I believe we all have the right to be the best that we can. I look forward to getting to know you all and sharing my crazy life.

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