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We did it! 

Happy anniversary to my lovely husband, nine insane years married and we haven’t killed each other yet. It makes me feel old to think that we have been married for that long but I was a baby when we got together. 22, finishing up uni, balancing it all and mostly focused on going out and having fun.

He managed to capture me with his amazing generosity and cheekiness. Plus he kept me grounded. I was in desperate need of a bit of guidance through my 20’s and he truly put up with my shit, being five years older he had a bit of perspective. Well, we put up with each other’s shit and that’s what has made us work so far and we’re damn proud of it.

We got to go out last night by ourselves!!! We went to this amazing restaurant called Transformer, it’s behind the Vegie Bar in Fitzroy. We chose to partake in their ‘Feed Me’ selection which was various dishes chosen by the chef. To be honest I have no idea what we ate, there was so much food and I was a little nervous about leaving Matisse for the night but we thoroughly enjoyed it. They had so many pretty drinks, being the driver (good wife) I went to town on the mocktails.


It was all so pretty and romantic the restaurant was divided by petitions covered in fernery and each table hand its own cool lighting going on. You will have to excuse the crazy pictures we were experimenting with said lighting. Receiving gorgeous texts from my friend looking after Matisse helped to calm my farm a little. She obviously understood that I was a little on edge so I got a series of photos.


I’m very lucky. We survived our first night with both of us away and she had an absolute blast. I still woke at 6:30 waiting for her singing to come through the monitor but instead I got an amazing slow start to the day without the words: bottle, mummy, potty or cuddles. Thanks Caitlin and Tim, you guys are the best, we owe you one x

Nine years down and with many more to come, I love you Dan you rock my world and are still the most generous and cheeky person I know xx


Hi! I'm Kate, I hail from Melbourne with my three loves, Willow, Matisse and my husband Dan. I enjoy staying active, attempting to be crafty, discovering new recipes and fun things to do with my daughters. I have found that becoming a mum has tapped in to this raw positive energy that I never knew I had. In this weird new world I live in I've found that I need to look after myself more to keep myself healthy and be a positive role model for the littler ones. Keeping this in mind has kept me on track to create the best me and be a better Mum. Well it's a work in progress but we all need to aspire to something right? I am also a writer, chugging away at that elusive novel but now is the time people. I am writing and you get to hear all about it, just joking, I won't bore you with that. If you want to know where I'm at please feel free to ask it might give me a boot to get me going in my less motivated of moments. I'm passionate about women's rights, equality, children's rights and mental health. I want to say social justice as a whole but it is so broad. I believe we all have the right to be the best that we can. I look forward to getting to know you all and sharing my crazy life.

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