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You Can Still Be Amazing!

When I got pregnant with Matisse the world went in to slow motion as my vision was impaired by a rose coloured filter. It revolved
around feeling sick, feeling weird and crying about EVERYTHING! I
was so happy to be pregnant that none of the yucky stuff mattered.

After the baby was born the sleep deprivation kicked in, my brain
and my ambition gave me notice. They completely resigned and I was left a body, a big old feeding machine.

I went back to work when Matisse was sixteen months old. I needed
to claim a little bit of me back and be a bit challenged. Initially I was full of ideas and driven to maximise my time at work but it
wasn’t long before it was obvious to me that working two days a
week wasn’t getting me anywhere.

It started to affect me and my confidence dipped. I was dreading
going to work. I felt so torn, between Matisse and a job that quite frankly wasn’t challenging me and rather than getting that little
bit of me back I was feeling more lost than ever before.

Dan on the other hand was going great guns career wise. I was
playing the supportive wife role and talking him up to my Mum when he turns to me and says ‘You can still be amazing’. My facial
response was priceless, I’m far too used to my husband being
sarcastic. But instead he gave me the biggest tool to empower
myself, self-belief ‘I can still be amazing’.

In my 20’s it was ‘I’ll always be fabulous’ but now I’m moving for bigger and better. Every day I say this to myself and each day I say it my ambitions are building higher and higher.

What is your amazing? How does it look to you? Now with the New
Year coming on ever so rapidly it’s the perfect time to make those first few steps. Each year I take it like it’s a clean slate, a
time to start fresh and get inspired.

I decided to look at work on a smaller scale and build skills
within my current role. Now that is looking to change completely in 2016 and I’ll be more challenged again. My being amazing isn’t
about fireworks or becoming a new me, it’s all about maximising my current life which I am happy with.

I have started writing again and am building my blog MummaKate.
Next year is going to go to a whole other level. I’m going to
complete my novel, even if I have to glue myself to the chair. I’ll also be working towards making the blog more interactive. Most
importantly I’m going to make the most of this life, we only get
one go at it after all. I’m going to take the amazing and run with it.

Thank you so much to all who are following my blog, you are driving me to write more and follow my passions. The biggest gift of all.

I hope you have an incredible Christmas with lots of fun, love and laughter and that 2016 brings you all of
the happiness in the world.

XX MummaKate


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Hi Ho! Hi Ho! Off We Go!!!

Christmas week is upon us and what an amazing week it is shaping up to be.

Last night we had our early kid free Christmas dinner in St Kilda. It was perfectly balmy as we enjoyed a few cocktails and ate far too much amazing food. I was incredibly spoilt by my KK, she knows me too well. Matisse had two of her favourite people spoiling her and I woke up without a foggy head. Couldn’t have asked for more really.

I was very excited to be getting out!



Yay! Grown up time…🎉
Now we are on to the serious side of things, the car trip to Adelaide. We decided to leave at four in the afternoon so then we would be able to get a bit of peace for the last half of the trip. Unfortunately daylight freakin savings got us to nine o’clock with her consistent ‘Mummy pat?’, ‘Mummy!, MUMMY!!!’ But now we have our quiet. I can’t complain, we haven’t had any tears or tantrums. The first ‘Mummy, look’ I had this afternoon I turned around to this:


We are still 270km off Adelaide, Dan just had a minor quarantine mishap but otherwise we are super pumped to see our family. We might just wait till the morning though as we won’t get in until 1:30AM 😫 surely they will all be up waiting to greet us!

I hope all of your Christmas festivities are shaping up to be loads of fun and that you are all healthy, happy and looking forward to the next few weeks to come x

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Fun!!! Out of The Sun Friday!!!

Who hates mess???
Um! Me. My child on the other hand thrives on it and I must say it’s a bit fun watching her get all experimental with the paint.


Laying down plastic saved the floor!


But not the belly!


Then it all went a little crazy!!!!!


Throw her in the shower and bobs your uncle, she’s squeaky clean again.


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Christmas Cheer That Turns to Christmas Fear

What do you get somebody who has cared so beautifully for your child all year? Do you think it is necessary?

There is this fear of being that person that doesn’t care enough, if I don’t care they will stop caring for my child. Isn’t that how it works? Sometimes I just think too much about most things. Welcome to my life. 
A friend who works in Child Care said it’s certainly not expected (except when your child is a monster) but absolutely no chocolates, there goes my original idea. Another said wine as their child would send anyone to drink…. Sometimes that rings true in our household too. 
This is the first time I have been faced with the idea so I went with home made, not too over the top. Matisse helped me, by that I mean stirred sporadically, tried to eat everything in sight and screamed for cuddles a majority of the way through. But we got there 🙂 and she is proud of herself. We have our cookies made and Palma’s Pantry relish bought, I’m set. 
When this…..


Becomes this….


✨Merry Christmas to all of Matisse’s teachers and yes I’ll probably throw some wine in too✨

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Stranger Danger!

I went to Taylor Swift last night and it was amazing. It’s funny how over time you change and your music tastes vary. I definitely wouldn’t have admitted to liking one of her songs in my 20’s, well my catalogue is increasing, as is my age. Not only is her music appealing but I’m happy for Matisse to listen to it.

Taylor made mention of the crowd being amazing. I’m sure she says it at all of her concerts but the way she delivered the message was impressive and very clear that she has the ability to truly communicate to the youth market. She impressed upon the crowd that what her view of ‘being cool’ was how they were reacting to her music by dancing freely and having fun, living in the moment and enjoying life. I much prefer this version of cool than the alternative.

The place was full of kids and the staging was impressive. There were fireworks and the lighting was faultless. Her show spelled superstar but she was gracious and effortless which is a refreshing breed of celebrity. Unfortunately the sound wasn’t amazing as it was an outdoor stadium but it did’t take long to be transported to Taylor Swift Land. Opening with ‘Welcome to New York’ and closing with ‘Shake it Off’ the night was complete.

So why did I call this article ‘Stranger Danger’? Well this Nana does’t get out too often. If I do, I normally grab a cab but with the hustle and bustle of the city I caught a train. Having had a deeply moving discussion earlier in the day regarding violence against woman I had my high alert on.

It was 11:30 PM on a school night and the crowd dispersed leaving myself and a man. He may well have been a perfectly normal, lovely engaging individual. He could have been a potential friend but I was scared especially when he crossed to be on the same side of the road as me. I started walking faster and faster, I looked as though I either needed to get home to the toilet or trying ever so hard to get the most distance between us.

He had gone another direction and I thought I was fine and then he re-appeared at the other end of the shops. What was my next plan? I crossed to the other side of the road, shit, it’s darker I thought if he follows to this side I will walk in to someone’s front yard. My friend had said to message her when I got home, instead she got a call. ‘Remember when I was pregnant and I got lost in the back streets and I was scared?, I’m kind of scared again walking home can you be on the line with me until I get home?’. I felt safe again.

I got home and I was still a little bit rattled, why? you may ask. Jill Meagher is why. She was just walking down a street and tragedy befell her. An absolutely innocent well trodden route that she would have done time and time before and then one day she was there at the wrong time. There were too many times when I had walked home late at night after a few too many drinks and I am so thankful that I didn’t get to meet that wrong time. I hadn’t had a drink last night and I was well aware of my environment and felt that I was capable of walking the ten minutes home along a main road but in hindsight next time I may just get that cab.

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Thirsty Thursday, Fast Food Friday, Can We Start Again on Monday?

I’m shifting gears a little as I like to keep myself motivated and sometimes it gets a little hard, I mean I said no to a hedgehog slice this morning! So proud but hello!!! life can be rough sometimes and it’s okay to slip up and forget what gets you going.


I’ve just walked in the door I have a screaming child on my hip, bags hanging off of me left right and centre and dinner to cook for the family. Then I’m expected to work out???? I feel I have nothing left in me you might say to yourself. That’s how I feel and I’m trying to train myself to live like there are no excuses. I try and focus on the feeling that I get post work out, knowing I am going to feel fantastic and although probably sore tomorrow I will see the results physically if I maintain a healthy balanced diet.

It may sound easy but often it isn’t. There are sleepless nights, sick children, sick partners…., sick you sometimes we just can’t be bothered. It’s all about getting past that initial mind block that is stopping us from achieving our fitness, weight loss or health goals. Once you start working out and making it your first priority post all of your days other activities and let’s face it there is always going to be a long list, it will get easier and easier. Before you know it you will even look forward to it and I don’t want to go too far but eventually you won’t be able to go without it.

Research has shown that new parents are the most sedentary compared to singles or couples without children. Considering I felt like I was always on the go when my now toddler was a newborn I can see the correlation between sedentary and active. Every movement appeared hard post baby as my body healed from the long labour and then my body stiffened as I sat hour after hour feeding and staring at that new life I created. Breastfeeding helped me to eat what I wanted without much movement but it soon dawned on me as the body aches were more persistent that I needed to get moving again.

I have lost weight post baby, hooray! I would still like to lose plenty more but now I’m more focused on staying physically active and being a good role model to my little girl. We are great parents no matter what. We are there for our children in their time of need, feed them, bathe them, and make sure they are clothed but exercise can help us to be energised help us to be the best parents. Looking at the benefits alone of increased life expectancy, reduced health risk and stamina is an instant motivator. The biggest driver for me is that I am energetic and ready to play, the sleep I do have is sounder and I am leading by example to hopefully make her more health conscious and fitness focused as she gets older. Better Health Victoria states that leading by example is the best way to encourage our children to be more physically active so in helping ourselves we are helping them to have a healthier future too.

Life is forever evolving and all we can do is give it a shot and try out something new that could potentially positively impact our futures.  If it’s not working, move on to the next thing, all that matters is that you are moving.

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Some Day, One Day, This Day.


I have been thinking a bit about my first blog post and continually putting it off. I have written many articles and various pieces about ‘things’ but I was thinking what is it that I want my first impression to be to you guys? Do I want to focus on some sort of ‘brand’ for myself? But really you will see right through me. I cannot lie for the life of me, my Mum loved this about me as I was growing up, my husband thinks it’s hilarious and I wish sometimes I could just be someone else a little bit. Put on a different persona and go for it. I will admit I do love playing the different characters with Matisse but she is too little to tell me how terrible I am at it, yet. The day will come and too soon I’m sure.

So life as it is it shall be.

I woke up on Friday… it really starts like this… and I thought about how I was going to manage catching two buses to get to a volunteer day in Fitzroy. I arrived home Thursday night and my car was still at the mechanics, I gave him a bit of ‘oh well I’ll have to sort out getting to Fitzroy tomorrow then’ Seriously I still feel guilty for it, I don’t do nasty. I sent Matisse and Dan off for the day and then I get this text, ‘I’m dropping your car off in a minute’, it was 6:48am and he had started work at 5am to fix it for me. I was not expecting that at all and now I am his client forever, he may even get a nice Christmas present. I was a mad chook in peak hour traffic, stressed at the idea of parking (you know it is crap) and getting there on time. Coffee, parking, go, go, go. I made it and only a few minutes late. I arrive at the Fitzroy Learning Network and that is where my stress disappeared. Through my work we are lucky enough to go and volunteer for various organisations throughout the year allowing us to gain a little humility and realise that life as we know it isn’t so bad.

The Fitzroy Learning Network is an organisation set up to assist migrants with English and computer literacy skills. They have created a hub for social engagement and inclusion while giving attendees assistance  connecting with external services. These people were there to create a better future for themselves and their families and it was absolute pleasure to be able to help the students to get a little closer to their goal of learning English.

Talking of goal setting, this experience has made me appreciate that I have all of the tools at hand to achieve my own goals which is to write in this blog and share my world with you. I hope to finish my novel in the next year and to make the most of life with my little family.